BCS Incorporated


  1. Energy & Environment
  2. National Security
  3. International Development
  4. Public Health

Energy & Environment

BCS delivers decades of expertise in both conventional and renewable energy, energy efficiency, and emissions mitigation, providing services such as:

  • Market and infrastructure studies
  • Technology evaluations and benefits analysis
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Technology roadmapping
  • Energy assurance planning and after-action planning
  • Communications, workshops, and outreach
  • Web-based decision making and information management tools.

BCS understands the interdependencies of the energy sector and the importance of infrastructure security and energy assurance planning. We are involved in cradle-to-grave support of cutting-edge, clean-energy research and development  programs positioned to transform our nation’s energy sector and economy. BCS evaluates international markets for emission mitigation and clean-energy technologies to improve environmental performance.

National Security

BCS plays a critical role in the support and implementation of homeland security and emergency management policy and initiatives. Guided by the National Preparedness Architecture, BCS exceeds client expectations and needs by providing decades of experience in:

  • Emergency management program development and implementation
  • Strategic policy analysis
  • Exercise development and assessments
  • Communications and outreach
  • Web-based decision making and information management tools
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Training and education.

International Development

BCS provides a range of multidisciplinary services toward supporting and promoting international business development and aiding technology transfer. BCS has provided these services in numerous countries across the globe, including China, India, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Poland, Armenia, Mexico, Vietnam, Panama, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

BCS staff have diverse expertise allowing us to deliver on projects of varying scopes:

  • International conferences and workshops
  • Foreign delegation visits
  • Scouting missions and networking
  • Technology marketing and project development
  • Market, infrastructure, and policy analysis
  • Country fact sheets
  • Event planning and outreach.

Public Health

Programs that promote optimal health outcomes through public health intervention are essential in meeting the challenges faced by individuals and groups in today’s health care environment. BCS provides subject matter expertise in the delivery of effective public health practices and program analysis in public health program management.

BCS experience includes:

  • Health and nutrition program process analysis
  • Health and policy review and analysis
  • Support for health and nutrition education programs
  • Development and field testing of nutrition education materials
  • Training program development and delivery.

From the development of useful, targeted education resources to the analysis of health programs’ efficiency and efficacy, BCS can help clients achieve maximum results. Credentialed professionals with training in health and nutrition sciences, rich with experience working in both private and public sectors of the health care arena, provide the expertise needed to deliver services that are relevant to clients’ needs.

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