BCS Incorporated

Security and Integration

BCS’ Security and Integration Division provides integrated analysis and information management solutions to translate complex and compartmentalized information into useful and actionable analysis.

BCS security and integration services include:

Risk Management and Emergency Response

Organizations require specialized capabilities to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. Since 2003, BCS has played a significant role in emergency management and critical infrastructure (CI) analysis and supporting homeland security initiatives.

BCS risk management and emergency response services include:

  • All-hazards emergency management program support
  • CI assurance planning, preparedness, and response
  • Table-top exercise and workshop planning, development, implementation, and facilitation
  • Strategic policy analysis
  • Situational assessments
  • Emergency preparedness and planning
  • After-action assessments and reporting
  • Partnership, outreach, and information-sharing best practices
  • Federal, state, and local stakeholder lessons learned and best practice identification
  • Strategic partnerships for engineering support, and energy conservation and technology transitioning in military settings

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Information Integration and Assurance

Living in an information-intensive world with rapidly evolving communication technologies presents both enormous opportunities and challenges for businesses. To realize the opportunities that increased data can offer, BCS provides tools and services to help organizations improve the quality of their information management and intra- and inter-organizational communications. These services support organizational planning, analysis, decision making, reporting, and collaboration.

BCS information integration and assurance services include:

  • Sensitive information management and classification
  • Cyber security policy analysis
  • Data flow analysis and process recommendations
  • Quality of military healthcare metrics and congressional reporting
  • Collaboration and tracking tools for congressionally funded wounded, ill, and injured programs
  • Contract management tools and financial management integration
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Integrated management tools for technical analysis, monitoring and tracking, and program review
  • Intra- and inter-agency information coordination
  • Strategic and organizational planning

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Business System Framework and Implementation

In budget-constrained environments, business processes must be repeatable, auditable, and cost-effective to implement. BCS has proven experience in the development and implementation of efficient business systems. Our strong combination of data management, information technology, graphic design, and reporting expertise has enabled us to offer custom solutions that fit our clients’ budget planning, execution, and management needs.

BCS business system framework and implementation services include:

  • Organizational assessments and realignment
  • Business process analysis and recommendations
  • Integrated business management systems implementation and support
  • Executive dashboards, reporting systems, and decision-making tools
  • Data management and data optimization
  • Acquisition support and financial management

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International Development

BCS has technical expertise in identifying, collecting, interpreting, and disseminating market and technology data for the purposes of gathering market intelligence, overcoming export barriers, and facilitating international cooperation. We develop and utilize financial, policy, and regulatory models to estimate the potential benefits that result from various types of projects that involve investments in research, development, demonstration, and deployment. With these analyses, we help clients identify the most promising strategies to target investments and accelerate the market adoption and penetration of new technologies and programs.

BCS international development services include:

  • Scouting missions and reverse trade missions
  • Case studies for technologies and by country
  • Targeted research, surveys, and informational briefings on energy policies and markets
  • Trade information resources, financial assistance guides, and market profiles
  • Scenario development, business intelligence, and strategic planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and partnership building
  • Conference and workshop logistics, marketing, and content development

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Company/Staff Certifications:

  • Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) -trained staff
  • Emergency Planners Table-Ttop Facilitators
  • Professional Facilitators
  • MedDRA Advanced Coding and Drug Safety
  • MedDRA Full Scope
  • Derivative Classifiers
  • In-house expertise in 14 languages
  • In-country experience in all major regions worldwide
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® staff
  • Microsoft-, Oracle-, and Cisco -Certified Information Technology Professionals

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